Sunday, June 29, 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk

I have been very bad about taking my camera places with me this week! No new pictures! We had a busy week though. In fact, Scott and I have been thinking we've been a little too busy lately. I think we are going to stop planning so much and hanging around the house more.
On Thursday, Finn and I went to this new place near the house called Unpluggits. It is an indoor playground and craft area for kids. We went with Melissa and her boys. The playground was actually closed, but we hung out at the craft place for awhile and Finn played around. He even made a little painting. By the time we left, he had gotten into the markers and had made another lovely painting on his face! We went to eat lunch at Panera, but Finn was worn out by then and had a little meltdown in the restaurant, so we ending up leaving Melissa there to finish her meal. Good news is that his tears mostly washed off the markers!
The first thing I did on Saturday morning was to go out to the natural foods store and buy some coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I read online that taking a tablespoon of each in a glass of hot water would give you a natural energy boost. I came home (exhausted) and made up the concoction (with a little honey for flavor) and chugged it. Within 10 minutes I felt much better! In fact, the energy lasted throughout the day! I was really surprised! I have been struggling not to drink coffee this pregnancy and I have been really exhausted for weeks! Actually, probably since I became pregnant! The last few weeks have been really awful. Sometimes I can barely muster the energy to change Finn's diaper. And I been very cranky because of it too. I drank my little concoction again this morning and it is amazing what all I have gotten done today! I've probably done more today than I have all week! It's not like a sugar rush or anything either, it's more of a natural energy--the type I would have if I wasn't pregnant. Anyway, Scott has been taking a little apple cider vinegar too and noticed a definite change in his energy level too. There are supposedly all sorts of health benefits from taking a little each day--my mother bought me a book all about it.
Anyway, Finn has been in a much better mood this week. He still seems to be teething because he is always chomping on his hand, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him as much. He has just loved to repeat everything I say this week! I really have to watch it! He has also come up with a lot of phrases that he's been repeating:
-"Wait Mama! WAIT!"--he screams this almost everytime I move.
-"Memo!"--This is his way of telling me he wants to watch Finding Nemo, his new favorite thing in the world.
-"Hungy"-This means "hungry" which he says all the time, but then when I make him food, he won't eat it.
-"Bye Bye _____"-He says bye bye to EVERYTHING lately--the house, his shoes, his crayons,
-"Tire, Hai-ey"- This is for his little friends Tyler and Hailey, who he just randomly starts talking about all the time. I think he just likes to repeat their names.
-"Cake"-Finn has had about a ton of cake this week from all the birthday parties we've gone to (3 total). He calls just about anything sweet or yummy cake now.
We went to Tyler's birthday party on Saturday and Finn had a great time. Becca has a lot of cool toys in her backyard (including a motorized train on a track that the kids can ride) and it's all so organized and clean back there! It's inspired me to clean up my backyard. Finn has a ton of toys out there, but my backyard is so muddy that they all get kinda dirty. Maybe now that I've found the energy, I'll do more about it. Anyway, Finn had a great time at the party. He spent a lot of time being the crazy kid in the pool that splashes everybody. When they brought out Tyler's cake, I had to hold him back so that he didn't devour it before the candles were even blown out. He then proceeded to lick the icing off his cupcake for 10 minutes before dropping in on his shirt. But, not to worry, we did salvage it and he stuffed the whole thing in his mouth (that's my boy!).
Tonight, we hung out around the house and had a little birthday celebration for my mother--complete with more cake. Afterward, we went to the Taste of Edmond. This is something that I have wanted to go to for the last 2 years, but something always comes up and we can't make it. It was pretty good! You buy a wristband for $10, and then you can eat at 30 different restaurant booths. The only catch is that you have to wait in line--many of which you can't even find the end to. It was crowded, but not too bad. Usually I freak out in crowds, but that apple cider vinegar must be working for me because I didn't even yell. The food was very good and I have an extremely full tummy now!


  1. you guys really did have a busy week. I am going to have to try the AVC CO thing, lord know I could use a natural enegizer :)


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