Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shopping and Friend Time

Wow! It is so windy today! I hung up some laundry outside and I really hope I don't lose any!

I've found that I'm not very good at splurging. Nicolette and I dragged the boys (the "Twain boys" as she calls them) to a very cute baby boutique today and they had a ton of cute girls stuff. But the whole time I'm thinking, "I could totally make this for way cheaper." It is amazing what you can charge when you put it in a cute sack and wrap it in tissue paper! So, I didn't actually buy anything. But I do plan on hitting the fabric store later to recreate some of the things I saw! Also, Nicolette showed me some of the diapers she has sewn and I think I could do it too. She's probably explained how to do it for me about 5 times, but I swear I can't figure it out until I actually SEE something, so I think now I can figure out how to make Baby Girl some diaps. I've got a lot of sewing projects to keep busy!

Before shopping, we tried taking the boys to a little play at the library. Sawyer wasn't even interested in going in (it was pretty loud and there were a ton of people). Finn went in, but once in there, he was the LOUDEST child in the room! Anytime they wanted you to laugh or clap, he would be HYSTERICAL in his enthusiam. I think it was bugging some of the other moms, so we left after about 5 mins. Which was cool with Finn because he would much rather run away from me and play hide and seek in the library anyway. But, I must gloat a little and say that we went to a playdate yesterday morning and he was SO well-behaved! He wasn't his usual crazy-loud self (which I love of course, but it wears out quickly when you are trying to make conversation at a playdate).

We had Nicolette and Sawyer over yesterday to play also. Here is a cute pic of the boys playing:

Nicolette got some really good ones that you can see here. They are so cute together!

Finn also tried his hand at photography and snapped these:

And finally, here is a pic of me at 27 weeks pregnant:

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