Monday, June 2, 2008

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

My aunties gifted me this weekend! Every summer my mom and her two sisters go on a little vacation and this time she brought back some stuff from them for Baby Girl! My aunt Debi came back with her too, but we only got to visit for about 45 minutes before her flight left. We will hopefully get to go visit her later this month in Dallas! Anyway, Baby Girl got some more cute clothes, some picture frames, a little Kewpie doll and some closet dividers. I'm really excited about the closet dividers! They break up the clothes by age and are such a smart idea! That way you don't mix up all the different sizes of baby clothes. They also gave me some money which I am trying to decide how to spend. I wanted to start a savings account for her, but you need a social security number for that, which we won't get for another 6 months. I was talking to my Aunt Debi about girly stuff and she asked, "So she gets to be a girl?" and I said, "As much as I know how to let her be." I've always thought that if I had a girl she would be a little tomboy because I am so practical and frugal that I don't usually splurge on girly stuff. So, I thought maybe I would take some of that extra money and splurge a little on her! Get some cute bows for her hair or some flowery organic baby lotion or something that I wouldn't normally buy. I just don't want to spend it on doctor bills or anything. I should get her something cute and girly.
This all got me thinking about a baby shower. My friend offered to throw me one, but she is in the middle of moving and pregnant herself, so I certainly don't want to cause her anymore stress. And I really have SO much already. I saved everything from Finn, except his bottles. Bottles are probably the only essentials I need. None of his were bpa-free, so I trashed them. (They were all kinda old and leaky too). I still have all his bibs, towels, blankets, and sheets too, but they are all blue and very used. So I might go splurge on some new girly ones. If I don't end up having a shower, maybe we'll just get some cake and punch and decorations after she is born and invite some people over to toast her birth!
Anyway, here is a picture of the baby's room. It's not very detailed because all we've really done is paint, put up curtains and move the baby furniture in there. I need to find some flowery pictures for the walls. I was thinking about getting some of those wall stickers too. Maybe some daisy ones in pink and yellow.

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  1. I love all the presents! And the room looks really pretty, I like the colors you are going with :)


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