Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Because there was so much going on last week, my son's school is celebrating Teacher Appreciation a week late. But I still started early! Here are some ideas for celebrating your favorite teacher.

I'm the homeroom mom, so I started by asking all the other parents to chip in $5 apiece for a different gift card everyday. I forgot to take a picture of Mondays gift, but we got her a book store gift card, and each child make a tracing of their handprint and wrote why they were thankful for their teacher. It turned out really sweet! I gave her a binder to put all the pictures in.

On Tuesday, we're giving her a plant in a personalized pot (made with my Silhouette). Inside the card is another gift card to Home Depot:

Wednesday, the kids are supposed to give her a big "Good Morning!" and we're gifting her with a "Thanks A Latte" gift card to Starbucks:

Finally, on Thursday (it's only a 4-day week class), I made her a card full of apples that says "You're the best of the bunch!" One of the apples has a gift card to Mardel's attached. In addition, I'll be making apple cupcakes for the class:

 I certainly didn't want to leave the music teacher out, so I made a cute pencil holder full of candy:

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  1. Man you have one very lucky teacher! Those are some great gift ideas :)

  2. So cute! I love the Home Depot gift idea!

  3. How fun that she get's such a usefull treat everyday! The cards are darling-what a lucky teacher. Thanks for linking, I'll definitely be hanging on to these!

  4. Bet those things were well received!! :o)


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