Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chest Pain

So, I've been having this really horrible chest pain lately. Usually 3-4 hours after I eat. I've tried doing all sorts of things, but nothing really helps. From what I've read it sounds like angina--a lot of pressure that radiates up to your jaw--but that is sort of unlikely. Anyway, my doctor sent me to get an EKG this morning. It sounds a lot scarier than it actually is (unless your toddler is screaming the whole time you're taking it, which he did!). Hopefully everything comes back okay!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am in full-on freak-out nesting mode. Or, at least that is what I am going to blame my craziness on. I just want to throw everything in my house away! Maybe if we rearrange furniture it will help.
On Monday a big group of us went to the Science Museum. It was kinda cool going with a lot of people. We spent a long time in the kiddie area and then moved on to the giant indoor treehouse. I tried taking Finn down the 3 story slide and decided never to do that again! I was almost upside down by the time we got to the bottom. We ate and checked out the trains and airplanes too. I think a good time was had by all.
A rare shot of Finn and Sawyer:
Finn and Tyler, painting faces:All the kids playing with bubbles:The kiddie area:
Today, we all went out for lunch for Melissa's birthday. I was already super on edge that Finn wouldn't be happy at the restaurant and I was sorta right! Somedays he just flips out when older kids look at him funny and today was one of those days. He calmed down though and did pretty well though.
Happy Birthday Melissa!:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Shower!

Tonya, Me and Melissa:
My mom, Caroline, and Elyssa:

The spread:

My gifts!:
More presents!:
The awesome cake:

It felt like my birthday yesterday! I had such an amazing day! Melissa threw me a beautiful shower for Baby Girl! She really went all out! There was great food, games and an awesome cake! I am so excited about throwing her a shower for her boy now because she gave me some great ideas! All my friends came too! It was so nice! Baby Girl got so many great gifts and clothes! I would take pics of all of them but it would certainly back up Blogger for awhile!

After the shower, Scott and I came home and put away all the gifts and fixed up Baby Girl's room. We put all the stuff on her walls and got out all the little baby toys. Except for the crib, it is all ready for her!

Last night Scott and I went out to dinner in Bricktown. It just felt like my birthday all day. It was such a great day!
In Finn news, he's been swimming in his new bigger baby pool lately. And he's had a runny nose that's been making him mighty cranky! Today he has been much better though! In fact, we've just been sitting around in the baby's room all morning. He LOVES the new double stroller. He played in it for TWO HOURS this morning!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday FM

We went to the Farmer's Market this morning with my friend Melissa and her boys. I've never been on a Wednesday before and it was kind of neat. Much less people and different booths! Still insanely hot though! Afterward we went by our new favorite park and Finn found some little friends. It amazes me how much he loves new people lately. And he remembers them! As soon as we got to the park, he started saying, "Addison" over and over because last time we were there, he made a little friend named Addison.

Afterward we went out to lunch with my mother, her friend from high school, Jo, and Jo's daughter, Stephanie and grandaughter, Addison (different one--we know a few). We really like having lunch with them every so often. Finn was very pleasant at the restaurant too! He's gotten a lot better at sitting in a highchair and eating. Maybe someday we can even move into a booster seat!
Being a monkey on the slide:

Out to lunch with Stephanie and Addison

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!

We had such a nice week! On Monday, we did a little shopping with my friend Melissa. We were going to go to the Science Museum, but I wasn't feeling very energetic, so we did shopping instead. We visited a few of the little baby boutiques up here in Edmond. They have the cutest stuff, but it is super expensive. I found a onesie with "Little Miss September" on it and a matching tutu for $67! Yikes! It was cute though. Mostly I just go there for inspiration on stuff to make or find on ebay.
On Wednesday, we went with my mom's group to the zoo. It was SO SO SO hot! We got there at 10:00 and stayed for 3 hours, but only really made it to one exhibit. We hit both of the playgrounds though AND rode the train. At the Aquaticus building, we made sure to see the Nemo fish and Finn LOVED it! We watched him for nearly 10 minutes I think. Then we went upstairs and saw the Dory fish which Finn equally loved. He kept yelling "Dory Dory Dory" throught the glass at it. We ate a little lunch (well, I did) and then went home for a nap.
Thursday morning was yoga morning again with Sawyer and Nicolette. Nicolette brought a new friend, Crystal, along who just moved here. She and her boys were super nice, so I hope we have a playdate with them soon! Finn did pretty good at yoga, I think. I brought a few toys that would keep him quiet and for the most part it worked. He mostly ran around with Sawyer and Crystal's boy, Noah. The yoga definitely helped me out. Finn did his new routine that morning of refusing all food put in front of him AND THEN walking up to me and telling me he's hungry. THEN, when I go make him something ELSE to eat, he refuses it too. It is MADDENING. I'm fine with him not eating because I know that is just what toddlers do, but when he specifically tells me he's hungry and then we waste food because he won't eat it, I want to scream! Anyway, yoga helped cool me off a bit.
Scott had all of Thursday off (as well as Friday and Saturday), so we started getting our garage sale items together and priced. On Friday, he did the sale from around 8-12 and we got rid of a lot! Sharyn came over and watched Finn and then they all went to the Science Museum (she had taken him on Tuesday too--we are really getting some use out of that pass!). On Saturday, we opened up the garage sale again and sold nearly all of the rest of our stuff. Not too bad! Sharyn took Finn to a birthday party and stayed there with him until the afternoon. Scott and I actually had the house to ourselves! We went out for lunch with friends and did a little childless shopping. It was nice to actually be able to focus my attention on him again! Sharyn stayed the rest of the afternoon and evening and watched Finn while we went out again with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. It was such a cool day! I love being around my son, but it was nice to have a day out, living like we did before we had kids (when all we did was shop, eat and go see movies).
Anyway, Finn has been talking more and more each day. It's amazing that only 6 months ago he only had a few words! Some of his newest "Finnisms":
--Saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" to everyone (and everything-he said it to his socks today). It's really cute when he says it after I scold him for something.
--He's gotten really good at saying "thank you" for things. Like, the "I'm sorry" thing, he says it a lot when it's uncalled for, but he almost always says it now when I give him something or make him juice, etc.
--Hitting. Unfortunately, he's picked this up. When he gets really angry, he'll run up to you and slap you on the arm.
--He is such a mimic around other kids! We went to the park this morning and he found a little friend there that he played with for nearly an hour. Everything she did he wanted to do too. Very cute!
--Climbing. He's always been a climber, but he's taken it to new heights lately. He climbed up a ladder on the playground today! When he does it, he'll chant "Climb, climb, climb!"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Day in Arcadia

Scott had Sunday off, so we thought we'd have a nice family day. We went out to Pops in Arcadia for breakfast. It's sort of a diner/gas station with over 500 different kinds of bottled soda. It's pretty neat. Afterward we came back home for a while so that Finn could nap. Sharyn came over and brought ANOTHER slide for Finn (This makes a grand total of 4 in the backyard). However, this one is a bit bigger than the others. It took the 3 of us at least half an hour or so to put it together, but it was well worth it. Finn got a little "surprise" when he woke up from his nap!

All of us then trucked it back out to Arcadia to go to the Parkhurst Watermelon Patch. It had rained the night before, so it was a wee bit cooler than usual, so we thought it would be fun! The Patch is kind of out in the country and they had a hay ride (I should have thought that one through before getting my pregnant butt on a bouncy trailer!), a petting zoo (Finn's favorite), giant sprinkler, tire swing, and hay fort. They also had pick-your-own veggies and watermelon, but we didn't partake. Finn absolutely LOVED the petting zoo. I think his favorite was the goats. He just kept saying "Hi goats!" over and over. And he really loved feeding the pig and horses. We ran out of feed, so he just kept trying to give them hay. We will definitely be going back in the fall for their pumpkin patch!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yoga Baby #2 & Children's Museum

I thought that since Finn showed some interest in yoga a few weeks ago we would try Babar & Me Yoga at the library on Thursday morning. It's really for ages 2 and up, but they said we could come and do it anyway. We went with Sawyer and Nicolette. They've been out of town for a couple of weeks, so it was a nice reunion! Finn seemed excited to see Sawyer too. We got there a little early and he ran around the playground saying, "Sawyer, where are you?" Too cute. Anyway, we went in for yoga and luckily, the teachers were very understanding of Finn's independanceitis (you know, that condition that makes him want to run around the room and play with everyone else's stuff). He didn't really do much of the yoga with me and we had to leave the room a couple of times to calm down, but I think we'll still go back next week. I liked it anyway! I need to start using my muscles and getting a little more in shape for labor. Besides, I get SO stiff at night! I only have 2 positions on can sleep in (right side or left!), so I wake up in desperate need of some stretching.

After yoga, we went to Panera to eat and I just want to say that it went much better than last time! Last time we went, I had to pack up and leave when Finn wouldn't stop crying. This time, him and Sawyer just sat and quietly ate their food and Nicolette and I could actually have a conversation! I love days like that!

After lunch on Thursday, we went to pick up Sharyn and then drove out to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum in Seminole. My plan was to drive during Finn's naptime so he would sleep in the car. Didn't happen! I think he was a little excited that Granny was there, so he stayed up. The museum was much further away than I thought. It took quite awhile to drive there, but it was worth it. They had a lot of things to do. A lot of it was geared toward older kids, but Finn liked "driving" the cars and planes, looking at the fish, digging in the sand, and riding the train. There was also a rock pit that he just loved! My child is obsessed with rocks! We played in the 3 and under room too, which Sharyn and I really liked because it was much cooler in there than the rest of the museum. There was also a bubble area, pretend grocery shopping, and craft area that we played in. We went with Melissa and Tonya and their kids too. I think they all had a really good time.

Shopping at the grocery:

Making crafts with Granny:Riding in the car:Excavating dinosaur bones:Playing outside with friends on the big boat:Throwing rocks with Starla:Big blocks:

Anyway, this morning we went to the Farmer's Market with Nicolette and Sawyer. Then they came over to play for a little bit. I'm really trying to kill time until tonite because Scott and I are going out! It's our 6 year anniversary and we have reservations at Musashi's and I can't wait! I'm not sure what else we're going to do. There aren't really any great movies out, but we might go see something.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Day!

Scott had the day off today, so we all got to spend the day together doing fun stuff. I got to sleep in! When I woke up Finn was already a third of the way through Finding Nemo. This has become our morning ritual lately. He loves that movie! All I ever hear all day long is "Meemo, Meemo!" I've been trying to introduce other cartoons for a little variety.
Scott made us pancakes for breakfast! Finn only had a couple of bites though. That kid never eats breakfast! He rarely wants to eat anything but maybe some yogurt before noon.
Afterward, we all went to the Omniplex (I guess it's actually called the Oklahoma Science Museum now). I think we will be spending a lot of time there this next year because Sharyn bought us a pass! There are some great activities for Finn there and rocking chairs for me. :) Anyway, we had a really good time and Finn loved running around. He really enjoyed being inside the big tractor and airplane trainer. He loves pretending to drive. When we get in the car I usually have to tackle him so that he doesn't climb up front into the driver's seat.
After the Omniplex, we did a little housework while Finn napped and then went out for ice cream. We swung by Target and I added a few items to my baby registry. I am having my baby shower on the 26th! Yay! I'm just excited we get to celebrate Baby Girl! Also at Target, we bought Finn a stepstool for the bathroom. Now he can do scary stuff like this:

Scott is now taking Finn for a bikeride and I am getting some much-needed alone time. This is the last month that I'll be working Tuesdays, which means that I'll only be working Fridays starting in August! It's a little scary for me because work is how I get out of the house alone! I'm hoping that I can find some other way of getting alone time in the middle of the week. Luckily, I have my mom's group which does mom's night outs and book club.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a very busy 4th. We've been trying to take the week easy and I think it's improved my energy level. But yesterday we did so much that I've been wiped today! We woke up and went to Edmond's Downtown Parade. I had never been before so I was excited. It was pretty neat. I even knew some people in the floats. We only stayed about an hour because it was already so hot! I was surprised to find out that the parade usually lasts around 2 hours! Here's Scott and Finn at the parade:

After that we went shopping and bought Finn a playdough set. He got some as a party favor and has really liked playing with it. We took it home and he played with it for most of the day! For Finn, that's pretty impressive. Kids his age usually jump from toy to toy, so to get him that interested in something is pretty miraculous. Here he is cutting playdoh numbers with his Granny:

We usually have my in-laws, Sharyn and Ron, over for the 4th, so we cooked up some hot dogs, beans, corn and a homemade apple pie (well, except for the crust!) and they came over to watch Finn play in the backyard. Sharyn bought him another water slide to replace the last one that wouldn't fit our hose, and surprise! this one wouldn't fit either. But Finn has plenty to keep him occupied in the backyard. We played for awhile out there (correction-Sharyn and Finn played. She has been a TREMENDOUS help this summer, playing with Finn when I have no energy!) and ate, but it was SO HOT! After walking around the parade and then eating and being outside, I was just exhausted! We went in to watch a movie, hoping that would restore us so we could go watch fireworks, but it didn't work. We ended up going to bed right as the fireworks started (around 10:00)--I could hear the little pops in the distance. I would have really liked to go out for them, but it was NOT happening last night! Sharyn and Ron went though.
My apple pie turned out really yummy!! I made it with Splenda and you would never know the difference!
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