Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Shower!

Tonya, Me and Melissa:
My mom, Caroline, and Elyssa:

The spread:

My gifts!:
More presents!:
The awesome cake:

It felt like my birthday yesterday! I had such an amazing day! Melissa threw me a beautiful shower for Baby Girl! She really went all out! There was great food, games and an awesome cake! I am so excited about throwing her a shower for her boy now because she gave me some great ideas! All my friends came too! It was so nice! Baby Girl got so many great gifts and clothes! I would take pics of all of them but it would certainly back up Blogger for awhile!

After the shower, Scott and I came home and put away all the gifts and fixed up Baby Girl's room. We put all the stuff on her walls and got out all the little baby toys. Except for the crib, it is all ready for her!

Last night Scott and I went out to dinner in Bricktown. It just felt like my birthday all day. It was such a great day!
In Finn news, he's been swimming in his new bigger baby pool lately. And he's had a runny nose that's been making him mighty cranky! Today he has been much better though! In fact, we've just been sitting around in the baby's room all morning. He LOVES the new double stroller. He played in it for TWO HOURS this morning!


  1. It was so much fun! And Melissa did a wonderful job throwing it for you. I am so glad you guys had a great day!

  2. Great pictures! I had great time at the shower. Baby girl is set for clothes and pretty dresses. And I love that stroller.


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