Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a very busy 4th. We've been trying to take the week easy and I think it's improved my energy level. But yesterday we did so much that I've been wiped today! We woke up and went to Edmond's Downtown Parade. I had never been before so I was excited. It was pretty neat. I even knew some people in the floats. We only stayed about an hour because it was already so hot! I was surprised to find out that the parade usually lasts around 2 hours! Here's Scott and Finn at the parade:

After that we went shopping and bought Finn a playdough set. He got some as a party favor and has really liked playing with it. We took it home and he played with it for most of the day! For Finn, that's pretty impressive. Kids his age usually jump from toy to toy, so to get him that interested in something is pretty miraculous. Here he is cutting playdoh numbers with his Granny:

We usually have my in-laws, Sharyn and Ron, over for the 4th, so we cooked up some hot dogs, beans, corn and a homemade apple pie (well, except for the crust!) and they came over to watch Finn play in the backyard. Sharyn bought him another water slide to replace the last one that wouldn't fit our hose, and surprise! this one wouldn't fit either. But Finn has plenty to keep him occupied in the backyard. We played for awhile out there (correction-Sharyn and Finn played. She has been a TREMENDOUS help this summer, playing with Finn when I have no energy!) and ate, but it was SO HOT! After walking around the parade and then eating and being outside, I was just exhausted! We went in to watch a movie, hoping that would restore us so we could go watch fireworks, but it didn't work. We ended up going to bed right as the fireworks started (around 10:00)--I could hear the little pops in the distance. I would have really liked to go out for them, but it was NOT happening last night! Sharyn and Ron went though.
My apple pie turned out really yummy!! I made it with Splenda and you would never know the difference!


  1. your pie looks good and Oklahoma looks hot. See you guys soon!

  2. Yum, your pie looks so good! We went to the parade last year and it was very long. But it was fun.
    I'm back from Texas so we need to get together soon.


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