Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday FM

We went to the Farmer's Market this morning with my friend Melissa and her boys. I've never been on a Wednesday before and it was kind of neat. Much less people and different booths! Still insanely hot though! Afterward we went by our new favorite park and Finn found some little friends. It amazes me how much he loves new people lately. And he remembers them! As soon as we got to the park, he started saying, "Addison" over and over because last time we were there, he made a little friend named Addison.

Afterward we went out to lunch with my mother, her friend from high school, Jo, and Jo's daughter, Stephanie and grandaughter, Addison (different one--we know a few). We really like having lunch with them every so often. Finn was very pleasant at the restaurant too! He's gotten a lot better at sitting in a highchair and eating. Maybe someday we can even move into a booster seat!
Being a monkey on the slide:

Out to lunch with Stephanie and Addison

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  1. That park looks really nice and shaded! Which one is it?


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