Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!

We had such a nice week! On Monday, we did a little shopping with my friend Melissa. We were going to go to the Science Museum, but I wasn't feeling very energetic, so we did shopping instead. We visited a few of the little baby boutiques up here in Edmond. They have the cutest stuff, but it is super expensive. I found a onesie with "Little Miss September" on it and a matching tutu for $67! Yikes! It was cute though. Mostly I just go there for inspiration on stuff to make or find on ebay.
On Wednesday, we went with my mom's group to the zoo. It was SO SO SO hot! We got there at 10:00 and stayed for 3 hours, but only really made it to one exhibit. We hit both of the playgrounds though AND rode the train. At the Aquaticus building, we made sure to see the Nemo fish and Finn LOVED it! We watched him for nearly 10 minutes I think. Then we went upstairs and saw the Dory fish which Finn equally loved. He kept yelling "Dory Dory Dory" throught the glass at it. We ate a little lunch (well, I did) and then went home for a nap.
Thursday morning was yoga morning again with Sawyer and Nicolette. Nicolette brought a new friend, Crystal, along who just moved here. She and her boys were super nice, so I hope we have a playdate with them soon! Finn did pretty good at yoga, I think. I brought a few toys that would keep him quiet and for the most part it worked. He mostly ran around with Sawyer and Crystal's boy, Noah. The yoga definitely helped me out. Finn did his new routine that morning of refusing all food put in front of him AND THEN walking up to me and telling me he's hungry. THEN, when I go make him something ELSE to eat, he refuses it too. It is MADDENING. I'm fine with him not eating because I know that is just what toddlers do, but when he specifically tells me he's hungry and then we waste food because he won't eat it, I want to scream! Anyway, yoga helped cool me off a bit.
Scott had all of Thursday off (as well as Friday and Saturday), so we started getting our garage sale items together and priced. On Friday, he did the sale from around 8-12 and we got rid of a lot! Sharyn came over and watched Finn and then they all went to the Science Museum (she had taken him on Tuesday too--we are really getting some use out of that pass!). On Saturday, we opened up the garage sale again and sold nearly all of the rest of our stuff. Not too bad! Sharyn took Finn to a birthday party and stayed there with him until the afternoon. Scott and I actually had the house to ourselves! We went out for lunch with friends and did a little childless shopping. It was nice to actually be able to focus my attention on him again! Sharyn stayed the rest of the afternoon and evening and watched Finn while we went out again with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. It was such a cool day! I love being around my son, but it was nice to have a day out, living like we did before we had kids (when all we did was shop, eat and go see movies).
Anyway, Finn has been talking more and more each day. It's amazing that only 6 months ago he only had a few words! Some of his newest "Finnisms":
--Saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" to everyone (and everything-he said it to his socks today). It's really cute when he says it after I scold him for something.
--He's gotten really good at saying "thank you" for things. Like, the "I'm sorry" thing, he says it a lot when it's uncalled for, but he almost always says it now when I give him something or make him juice, etc.
--Hitting. Unfortunately, he's picked this up. When he gets really angry, he'll run up to you and slap you on the arm.
--He is such a mimic around other kids! We went to the park this morning and he found a little friend there that he played with for nearly an hour. Everything she did he wanted to do too. Very cute!
--Climbing. He's always been a climber, but he's taken it to new heights lately. He climbed up a ladder on the playground today! When he does it, he'll chant "Climb, climb, climb!"

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great week! Isn't it crazy how fast they start to pick up on things? Sawyer is saying more and more every day. He is just now starting to embrace the whole climbing thing. He now climbs I think it is going to be awhile before he gets to climbing stuff at the playgrounds. I would love to do a playdate this week!


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