Tuesday, April 28, 2009


That's right, folks. We are deep into teething mode here. Kiki (Kinley) has three popping through her bottom gums as we speak. She's been doing pretty well with it really, but she's had a few REALLY bad days over the last month.

Actually, over the last month or two, she has turned into a completely new baby, which is why I'm devoting this post to her. Her personality is popping out along with her teeth! I'd always invisioned my sweet, quiet, tiny Virgo baby--and she's definitely sweet and tiny, but quiet she isn't! I always knew Finn would be wild and crazy (boy + Leo = party animal), but I think Kiki is even teaching her brother new ways to be loud! Once she starts shrieking, he joins right in!

In many ways, Kiki has been an easier baby than Finn was: she plays independently more, she can stay in one place for a long time, she's just all around less fussy. But in other ways she been harder: sleeping (she's isn't a bad sleeper, but overall, I've gotten less sleep this time around and she's more unpredictable with her schedule), she hates baby food and often flat out refuses it, and she only naps 3 times a day for about 20 mins each. She's really become a lot of fun lately though. At 7 1/2 months she:

--can roll anywhere and uses this as her main way to get around
--sits up, but can't get into a sitting position herself
--is pulling up on things, but can't quite get into a standing position on her own yet.
--is a definite "graboid." Once she locks on something (with "the stare") she MUST have it
--is begrudgedly eating 2 jars of baby food a day
--babbles, spits, shrieks and is generally very verbal
--has become very social and enjoys adoration
--loves her big brother and daddy

Sorry if this is a little boring, but since this is my main form of journaling, I wanted to get this down!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finn's Eye View & Who Dat Ninja?

Finn got ahold of my camera again. I love it when he takes pics!

Kinley has got some mad ninja skills. She is a master of the army roll and backwards crawl. She can cross a room in no time. Scott and I left her alone for a couple of minutes the other day and when we came back we couldn't find her. She was under the coffee table! Just hanging.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Now that our move is over, I've been trying to get back to a more "green" attitude (that was actually lost sometime last spring). I have a larger home than I did before, and I've found myself buying a lot more to go in it, but I decided that maybe I should "shop" what I already have for inspiration. Which is how I got this:
I was dying to get something on the window in my kitchen for aesthetic and acoustic reasons (it is SO echoey in there!). I used some linen napkins that I have never in 6 1/2 years of marriage used at my table. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it, but I'm glad I tried at least!
Scott was also in the repurposing mood. He made a bird house out of our old bread keeper:

Now I have a new mission. I have a multitude of glass jars. Salsa jars, jelly jars, baby food jars, etc. I always put them in the recycle bin, but I dream of more! I am always thinking I can dress them up with some ribbons and put cute things in them. But I can't figure out what those cute things could be. Any ideas?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


We had a great time at the Heart Walk this morning. At first, Finn was a little freaked out by all the people (esp the one's with face paint), but he warmed up once he saw the huge bouncy houses and climbers! He's never been into them before, but today he just went for it. I was really surprised he could climb that high!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things you need to do right now: Enter this giveaway!

My friend Kristal is having a giveaway for her adorable signs! Anyone can enter. Just click on this website and leave a comment (you can leave it as anonymous if you don't have a Google account) and she will enter you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All By Myself

Today I did something that hasn't happened in a very long time--went out with the kids by myself. I take that back. This actually happens quite often, but only to non-fun places like the grocery store or a doctor's appointment. Today we went to the zoo! Usually we travel with our usual posse (all my girls-holla!), and with good reason. First, I crave the company. Second, I need all the help I can get. Finn is a darter and it's useful to have others on hand to watch Kinley's stroller while I chase him down. But we had no such occurences today. It was so beautiful and we had a great time. We couldn't find the dinosaur exhibit that the zoo temporarily has, but no doubt, we will be back again soon--with friends.
Here's Finn riding the train that he always begs about (with Mittens, his new best friend):

Monday, April 13, 2009

Talky wok

Cute pic, right? Even better than that, it's the first that I've uploaded from my new phone! After dropping my old Razor in the toilet last week (don't ask), I upgraded. It rocks. I now have a camera phone that I can upload to my computer! So exciting!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Party!

I discovered this week that chocolate candy and Easter eggs in the hot sun do not mix. We learned this on Wednesday when we took Finn to the same egg hunt that we went to last year at the Natural History Museum:
But I didn't remember my chocolate lesson, so today when I had an Easter playdate, I packed the eggs full of chocolate (thinking the kids would love it). Of course, Finn didn't mind that the chocolate was all melty. As a true choco-holic, he ate it anyway. I think the kids all had a good time though. It was a beautiful day (before the wind picked up!):

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Month One

We've been in our house about one month now. I've felt like I've been attacking it with paint and wall hangings the last few weeks. Here's a few pics of how we're settling in:
I basically have no time to get on the computer anymore. Whenever I do during the day, Finn tries to kick me off it (which he is doing right this second!) and I usually end up turning it off so that no one gets it. But this is actually starting to suit me. I think a little less screen time is okay. The internet (and just modern life in general) just gets so OVERWHELMING sometimes. There are just so many options. I feel like there is always something TO DO, so doing nothing just isn't practical. But I'm starting to think that doing nothing might be a good idea. When else do you get to converse with the divinity that resides within you? Or whatever.
Here's Finn, doing his impression of mommy--excersizing and reading a book. It made me laugh. He's turning into quite the mimic. The other day I freaked out and killed a big spider with my shoe. He then reinacted the entire ordeal.
Here's a few cute shots of Miss Kinley sitting up. She's come so far in just a week! She can basically sit unsupported now. Until she gets excited and flops down on her belly.

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