Tuesday, April 28, 2009


That's right, folks. We are deep into teething mode here. Kiki (Kinley) has three popping through her bottom gums as we speak. She's been doing pretty well with it really, but she's had a few REALLY bad days over the last month.

Actually, over the last month or two, she has turned into a completely new baby, which is why I'm devoting this post to her. Her personality is popping out along with her teeth! I'd always invisioned my sweet, quiet, tiny Virgo baby--and she's definitely sweet and tiny, but quiet she isn't! I always knew Finn would be wild and crazy (boy + Leo = party animal), but I think Kiki is even teaching her brother new ways to be loud! Once she starts shrieking, he joins right in!

In many ways, Kiki has been an easier baby than Finn was: she plays independently more, she can stay in one place for a long time, she's just all around less fussy. But in other ways she been harder: sleeping (she's isn't a bad sleeper, but overall, I've gotten less sleep this time around and she's more unpredictable with her schedule), she hates baby food and often flat out refuses it, and she only naps 3 times a day for about 20 mins each. She's really become a lot of fun lately though. At 7 1/2 months she:

--can roll anywhere and uses this as her main way to get around
--sits up, but can't get into a sitting position herself
--is pulling up on things, but can't quite get into a standing position on her own yet.
--is a definite "graboid." Once she locks on something (with "the stare") she MUST have it
--is begrudgedly eating 2 jars of baby food a day
--babbles, spits, shrieks and is generally very verbal
--has become very social and enjoys adoration
--loves her big brother and daddy

Sorry if this is a little boring, but since this is my main form of journaling, I wanted to get this down!


  1. This isn't boring at all! I love being able to learn new things about your kiddos through your blog!! Never apologize for that! :)

    Yeah Kinley! :)

  2. So funny!! My 2nd seems much easier also. His schedule is a bit unpredictable but is way less fussy than Ethan ever was. He(Aiden) does play good by himself. He is yelling pretty loudly, grabs things right out of peoples hands, steals toys, and teething so far, hasn't been that bad. I think we are experiencing the same 2nd baby things at pretty much the same time!! Oh and yes, I have 2 Leo boys!! How fun, since I am a Leo too!

  3. She is too cute! Nate does "the stare" too, he then lowers his head and crawls as fast as he can toward said object, it is hilarious. I love that you are calling her Kiki!

  4. journal away! you know you will forget this all too fast. kinley is a delight to watch and i'm so glad i get to!


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