Thursday, April 2, 2009

Month One

We've been in our house about one month now. I've felt like I've been attacking it with paint and wall hangings the last few weeks. Here's a few pics of how we're settling in:
I basically have no time to get on the computer anymore. Whenever I do during the day, Finn tries to kick me off it (which he is doing right this second!) and I usually end up turning it off so that no one gets it. But this is actually starting to suit me. I think a little less screen time is okay. The internet (and just modern life in general) just gets so OVERWHELMING sometimes. There are just so many options. I feel like there is always something TO DO, so doing nothing just isn't practical. But I'm starting to think that doing nothing might be a good idea. When else do you get to converse with the divinity that resides within you? Or whatever.
Here's Finn, doing his impression of mommy--excersizing and reading a book. It made me laugh. He's turning into quite the mimic. The other day I freaked out and killed a big spider with my shoe. He then reinacted the entire ordeal.
Here's a few cute shots of Miss Kinley sitting up. She's come so far in just a week! She can basically sit unsupported now. Until she gets excited and flops down on her belly.


  1. I agree, there is something quite nice about doing nothing! :)

    Kinley is getting so big! She's so darn cute!

  2. Whenever there is time to do nothing, which is pretty much NEVER!...............I feel guilty if I do..bc there is always something to be done...............Kinley is so cute! Amazing how things change in a week.............


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