Saturday, April 18, 2009


We had a great time at the Heart Walk this morning. At first, Finn was a little freaked out by all the people (esp the one's with face paint), but he warmed up once he saw the huge bouncy houses and climbers! He's never been into them before, but today he just went for it. I was really surprised he could climb that high!


  1. Sorry I didn't call you this morning. We got off to a late start, then I realized this morning was the only time we would get to see Charles since he had to work all afternoon. Glad you guys have fun, the bouncy houses look like a Finn kind of thing, I am sure he had a blast :)

  2. Hi aElizabeth....Just realized you could comment to your blog. You know the elderly and these new fangled things. We are a little slow. Anyway....I love your blog. Lets me feel like we are staying in touch. You are such a good writer and the pictures are adorable. Love your new house. Will get up to see it soon! Thanks for the picture of the kids that you sent. It was so sweet. It's found a place on my fridge. Tell Scott I said Hi and give the kids a hug for me.

    Aunt Debi

  3. how much fun! so glad you had a good time!!

    oh! i saw finn at the science museum yesterday:) so funny to see him and not you! we were there for a bday party. finn said "i know you! you're noah!"


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