Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boutique-Style Girl Outfit from Thrifted Pillowcases!

We are stuck in the middle of 12" of snow! Anyone else? I feel like I have been waiting for a day like this since the last blizzard. You can stay in your jammies, watch cartoons with the kids all day and sew--guilt free.

Of course, we did venture outside for about 5 minutes. Here's Finn, playing in snow drifts nearly as tall as he is:

Anyway, I had to have a sewing project for the day. Did I work on my quilt? No. Did I work on my table topper? No. Did I finish any of the other many projects I need to? No. I started a completely new one.

First I took these 2 gigantic pillowcases I found at Goodwill a month ago:

I started by cutting off the edging. I saved these for the straps, sash, and leg ruffles:

And after about a day of work, I made this!

Back view:

I want to point out that this is a 100% recycled outfit. I even used the elastic that I cut off a fitted sheet that I'm using for another project. And the flowers in her hair? Scrapped quilt batting.

Sorry there isn't a full-on tutorial for this. I basically followed McCalls pattern M6017, but added on a few embellishments, like the leg ruffles, the knotted straps, the extra ruffle on the shirt, and the sash:

Did I mention that I had a little helper?:

I will be linking up to these great parties! And I would like to point out that The T-Shirt Diaries has an awesome upcycled link party every week. She's trying to reach 100 links this week, so go link up and check it out!


  1. This turned out absolutely gorgeous! Well done, its a great job. So so pretty and I love that it is all upcycled. Of course the model makes it, she is beautiful!

  2. Aw, so cute! It's all adorable, but I especially love that HUGE bow in the back!

  3. That is darling. I love the bright fabric from the pillow cases. What a great project!


  4. so darling, love the fabric and color too. JEN

  5. Hahaha--totally random--I was at Not Just a Housewife and clicked on this awesome post and then realized I was just here! You have great projects!! ;)

  6. What a sweet outfit and great idea to thrift for the pillowcase. I grew up with my mom always picking out these horrible patterns- it's so nice to be reintroduced to patterns with all the new lovely things out there. Thanks for the reminder that they aren't all hideous!

    Great crafting!

  7. The judges chose this as one of the top Ten in the Pattern Remix Challenge. Now its time to vote :)

    Good luck!


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