Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goodbye Uncle and Hello Paint!

We said goodbye to my brother this week. He's off to Iraq today, actually. He joined the Marine National Guard and has been in training in California and Nevada for a long time. He only got to come home for 7 days before being shipped out too. I know Finn enjoyed seeing him again, and I did too. He's scheduled to return home in December, but hopefully he'll be back sooner!

Since I didn't have anything else to do this week, I decided to put some paint up in the my new living and dining rooms. The blankness wasn't bothering me until Scott mentioned it. Now, it's all I can think about! I need stuff for my walls! And it's snowing and cold and I have no time to go get it with 2 little kids hanging off me! Big problems, huh? I can tell you that I am dying to decorate with these (But I need to get things painted first). Anyway, I painted my living area with "Vanilla Brandy" and it turned out a LOT different than I thought. It's still growing on me. But at least the brick red is gone!

I forgot to get a "before" shot, but here is one in progress:
And here is one of the somewhat finished playroom:


  1. Looks good lady! Although, I liked the red, lol, but I would. :)

  2. looks great, liz! can't wait to see it in person:)


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