Sunday, March 15, 2009

Milestone: First Words!

I bet you can guess what Kinley's first word was! Watch this:

That's right! Her wonderful "Bubba" was blessed with being her first word! She just loves him so much! She started this Wednesday night when we were still in Vegas. We were getting ready for bed and she just started up with the "ba ba ba"-ing. I guess she missed him. Now I know that babies start babbling at this age, but I think it is no coincidence that she decided to pick that sound to start with! (Finn's first was "Dada").


  1. go kinley! way to score points with the big brother. as if he didn't love her enough already:)

  2. Ah, she's so cute! :) Way to go for her first words! Starla said Bubba (Bourbon) as her first words at 6 months too, lol. Dada came within days of that, and then Ro-ro (Roman), and last was mama, of course. Sigh. :)


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