Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to your regularly scheduled life...

All of our stress is finally over! We've moved and we've gone on vacation! (Two great things of course, but also very stressful). I'm so glad to get back to reality.

We moved into our new home last week. It was very exhausting, but we got all of our stuff over here in a little less than 24 hours. So far it is truly amazing! We really like the new house and all the space. Even doing the dishes is more enjoyable (the water actually gets hot fast!). Kinley has been napping so much better too in her new secluded room. It's awesome. I'll post pics and whatnot soon.
We also went to Vegas! I had some serious doubts about going on Sunday night. Kinley had just had a very fussy day and I didn't want to go if I was just going to be trying to calm a crying baby the whole time. But Monday she woke up in a great mood and we had a great trip! She really came out of her shell in Vegas too. It was probably the millions of people that stopped us to tell her how cute she was! Here's some highlights:
The gardens at Bellagio. They had the coolest fringed tulips!:

The white lions at the Sigfried and Roy Dolphin and Wildlife Habitat. This was probably the best part of the trip. We got to see a lot of cool dolphin tricks and then some white lions and tigers. The lions started getting a bit "frisky" with one another (I've got it on video). There were 3 male white Siberian tigers in a pen together and 2 of them got in a fight right in front of the crowd! It was evidently kind of a big deal. The trainers were getting very worried. Too cool:

This is from an AMAZING chocolate shop inside the Bellagio. We saw these the first day, right after we finished a meal. I couldn't stop thinking about these desserts though, so we made a special trip back:

Here's the 3 of us on top of the Eiffel Tower. We went here with Finn two years ago too, but he slept through it:

We saw Britney while we were there! She posed for a special shot with Kinley (who thought she was getting lunch):

Kinley had quite the adventure actually. Here she is with Brangelina. I had to hold on tight so they didn't try to snatch her up!:
And Kinley even got to interview Cameron Diaz! Lucky girl!:

Okay, I'm a lier. We visited Madame Tussand's Wax Museum. It was pretty cool. I got a shot with the lady herself:

By the fountains in the Caesar's Shops:

And finally on the plane ride home. We gave her Benadryl, but it only knocked her out for about 30 mins. each time:


  1. i'm SO glad you had a great time in vegas! love the shot of kinley and brittany. i had to look close:)

  2. How fun!! Looks like you guys had a blast!! Glad to hear things went well with the move, can't wait to see the new house! :)


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