Thursday, May 7, 2009

Forward Motion

She's still a little clunky, but Kinley has figured out how to crawl! She's wiley, that one:

We've also welcomed a new addition to the family. Large couches and recliners make me feel like a grandparent, but I don't care--it's comfy!:


  1. Way to go Kinley!!!

    And that's a great couch! Looks like a wonderful place to get all comfy and watch a movie!! :)

  2. I LOVE the new couch!!! Kinley is so cute crawling. It's hard to believe she is big enough to do that. Good luck with the "no paci". I know it's tough but worth it.

  3. And the trouble begins!! Aiden hasn't quite figured it out yet................I am sure it is very soon!

  4. yey kinley! ooh, and i can't wait to melt into that couch:)

  5. Way to go Kinley! And I love the couch, looks so comfy!


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