Friday, May 8, 2009

Finn's Bestie

Finn's true best friend is his pacifier. I think I've mentioned before how fond he is of it. He's even taken to referring to it as a person and calling out to it when he can't find it ("Paci, where are you?"--as if it has ears). It's really quite sweet, but it's gotten to be a bit of a pain. It's hindering his eating habits (as if he actually has eating habits) because he insists on having it at the table, he is constantly talking about it or looking for it and, on top of everything, the thing is just gross. It's 2 1/2 years old! Since we haven't really focused on potty training this week, I decided that maybe we should focus (we MUST always have a mission!) on giving up the paci--at least during the day. It's led to some strange exchanges with Finn:

Finn: "I miss the old house"--(first time he has EVER referenced the old house in 2 months)

Me: "Why?"

Finn: "Because there I could have my paci"

And another time we were looking at the picture in the upper right corner of this very blog and what does he say? Does he say "There's me and my sister!"? No. He exclaimes, "LOOK! There's me and my paci!"

Yes, it is heartbreaking. Most of the time I feel like a power-hungry tyrant. I mean, what does it really matter? Am I just embarrased that my nearly-3-year-old child still has a pacifier, or am I really concerned that he isn't being prepared for life?

But...he has done pretty well the last couple of days and I hate to break a good streak. So I guess for the moment we will be paci-free (at least until bedtime!).


  1. the fact that you're thinking this through so thoroughly means you truly care and you're a great mom. i'm so happy to know you. happy mother's day!

  2. Starla still takes her binky to bed every night. I've been telling her, on a nightly basis, that when she turns 3 years old, there will be no more binky. She now tells me that phrase each night when I give her the binky "When I'm 3 no more binky?" lol. :)It's funny the missions we go on as parents.

  3. I am thinking about weaning Nate off his now so I don't have to deal with it as he gets older, but I don't have the nerve right now! He is down to only getting it at bed time in the dreaded car seat... Let me know if you find a good trick. Someone told me that they let their son take all his pacies and "pay" for a toy with them at Target and literally had him had the checker outer all the pacies.... I thought seemed like a good idea???


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