Saturday, May 16, 2009

Touch-A-Truck Day, 2

Saturday morning we went to Touch-A-Truck Day again. We went last year and had a great time (and it was my first blog post!--check it out here and see how much Finn has grown in the last year!). It was even cooler this year because Finn liked the trucks so much more! The only problem was, once he got in one, he didn't really want to get out!

Kinley was as enthused by all the big rigs. Now that she can crawl, she HATES her stroller. Check her out, she looks pretty ticked:

In the end, Finn got a popsicle and all was good.


  1. wow that is one sweet looking popsicle! So glad you guys had fun, I should have gone...I missed your call and thought it was going to rain any minute. Next year for sure!

  2. so proud of you for braving this alone! you're such mom of the year:) looks like fun was had...even if kinley was a bit ticked.


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