Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teacher Gift, Part 3

I finished Mrs. Ancik's birthday present, and just in time! I did not feel well yesterday, but I HAD to get some more of that polka dot paper to finish her wish list, so I trucked up to Hobby Lobby with the kids in tow, probably looking more than a little green.
The "Wish List" was another find at Ponytails & Fishscales. I got a tin sign from Hobby Lobby, mod podged cute paper and ribbon on it, and made some apple magnets. Now, whenever she needs some kleenex, copies run, or anything else, she can put it up on the wish list so that one of the parents can help out. I got her a gift card to Barnes & Noble as well, packaged it up, and voila! (those are Kiki's little hands in the picture) Another thing I wanted to make for Mrs. Ancik were these adorable apple cupcakes. I baked the cupcakes, got sick and decided that nobody would want my possible tainted cupcakes (I'm 99% sure it was the fish I ate for lunch, but there was still that 1% of doubt), so I threw them all out. However, I kept one to decorate. They would have been so cute! It's just a white cupcake, white icing, dipped in red sugar, then a tootsie roll for the stem and an icing leaf.


  1. Super cute! I can't believe you threw all those cupcakes away!

  2. Love the teacher cupcakes.... have to make them :)


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