Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teacher Gift, Part 1

I feel like I don't even come up with original ideas anymore, I am WAY too busy trolling the blogs so that I can recreate everyone else's cool crafts. But that's okay. It keeps me busy (although I am coming dangerously close to the edge of burn-out).
Here is a great idea that I saw at eighteen25. It's a teacher emergency supply box. You get one of those plastic craft boxes for around $1 and dress it up with a little scrapbook paper and whatever-else-you-wish: And on the inside you fill the little cubbies with all sorts of supplies a teacher might need (including chocolate!). My hubby joked that what Mrs. Ancik really needs is a taser to chill out my son when he gets too wild, but, well...it wouldn't fit.


  1. These are so fun! I made one of these for my daughters preschool teacher a few months ago. Thanks for linking up to the Catwalk! Featuring this tonight.

  2. How cute and thoughtful gift! Thank you for the link!


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