Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Pocket Full of Posies

I love these easy little flower pins. I finally got myself up to the craft store (I've been a bit sick all week-end) and bought a quarter-yard each of blue and pink satin ($1.50 altogether!) and had more than enough to make these flowers. Just cut out 4 different sized circles of the satin, singe the edges with a lighter (I eventually lit a candle to dip them in because I was sick of burning my thumb) and secure them with a few knots of embroidery thread through the middle. I've seen it done with beads as well to give it a more decorative effect. I hot-glued hair clips on the back so I can give them as gifts.
It almost feels like spring!


  1. is it rude to say i hope i'm a gift recipient? :) these are AWESOME!

  2. Hello Liz- You won a roll of double sided Scotch Tape. From CraftOManiac- CONGRATS! Can you please email me your mailing address so it can be sent out to you. Thank you and have a Yummy Thanksgiving. Jen

  3. THose are SUPER cute! And seem SUPER easy to make! Thanks for sharing! :)


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