Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween! (a little late)

I was without my computer for over a week. Thank goodness for Wii. It was a little slow, but it kept me in touch with the blog world. Now that my laptop is back, it's brings a new meaning to Thanksgiving (well, that and a few other very important blessings, is suppose...)

Halloween was super eventful for us this year and loved every second. I've been running on higt energy, so I did almost every crafty thing I could get my hands on. There's a lot to cover, so I'll begin.

My father in law does a huge monster set-up every year on his lawn. It's a pretty cool sight. Yes. That is a life-size Sully from Monsters Inc. Yes. My in-laws officially have anything and everything you could ever need for the holidays in their home:

On Saturday night, we had some Mummy dogs before trick-or-treating:

And some spooky potatoes:

Such cute costumes! We had a Batman (actually we had 2, but we didn't get Oliver in the pic), a Sprite can (Ari's own idea, so creative!), a pirate boy, Indiana Jones (sans hat at the moment) and a pirate girl. I think it's funny that Kiki and Noah picked the same costume.
They are quite a pair!: The week before Halloween, we had many events as well. Here's Finn's class party:

I'm homeroom mom for the class and I am loving it! It was so much fun to make stuff for the kids and set up the tables. I think they all liked it:

On Wednesday, we had a fabulous Halloween party at my friend Melissa's house. Kiki decided to switch it up a little and be a fairy for the occasion:

Melissa and her amazing spread:

AND she made a goodie basket for each family! Look at all the goodies!

We also went trick-or-treating at the zoo. It's always so much fun, but SO crowded. Sharyn joined us, of course:

Me and my little pirate:
It was the best Halloween yet!

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