Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Roared!

One of my favorite blogs is I Am Momma Hear Me Roar! Cheri has so many great ideas. I saw her posts for an upcycled hat and upcycled dress and, once again, I knew I was destined to make them.

Here's Kiki in her adorable new Princess hat:

And her new dress! I love the scrappy look of it. I wanted to use some cool graphic shirts, but I really only had plain ones. I plan on adding some stamps with fabric paint (a la IAMHMR), but that would require me actually taking a shower, getting dressed, getting the kids dressed and then moving my butt up to Walmart to get the paint--something I don't plan on doing for a few more hours.

I made one for Finn as well, and he loved it UNTIL he realized I cut up one of his old shirts to make it. Then he was just really really pissed and tried to throw it away. It wasn't even a shirt that he liked to wear AND it was too small for him now anyway. Dear Boy: I love you, but you have some major control issues. Unfortunately, I know where you get that trait.
Here I am wearing it instead:


  1. this is WEIRD. i INSTANTLY thought of you when i saw those two project on IAMHMR. i meant to forward them to you and then got distracted. i just knew you were destined to make them, too! and look how great they turned out!! way to roar!!!

  2. I saw those hats on SYTYC and loved them. You did an awesome job )

  3. That Princess hat is so cute--is that made from a too small shirt? I should be doing that with my little girl's small clothes!

  4. Lizzy-ALL old t-shirts! I am kicking myself that I just gave away a bagfull to goodwill now that I have a good use for them. And it seriously only took about an hour (although with little ones running around feels like at least 4 hours).

  5. i LOVE your hats!! this has been on my to-do list since i saw them... but i have yet to actually do it.


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