Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent Calendar Time!

I was putting Finn to bed tonight and it hit me--tomorrow is the first day for the Advent Calendar! Here's ours from last year:
 Cute, but you can barely fit a Hershey Kiss in those little doors. And forget about trying to stuff TWO in there. This year, I knew I needed something bigger. And I've already found a ton of cute things from Target and Michael's dollar racks to fit in it. I decided to go with a shoe organizer. On the cheap, I bought three 8-pocket ones from the Dollar Tree:

Then I cut up some Christmas-themed scrapbook paper for each pocket, added a number, and mod-podged more paper on some clothespins to hold the paper in place. After each day, I'll take the clothespin off and slip the paper into the empty pocket. It will definitely give me some more room to fill this year! Now if the kids will just fall asleep, I can go fill up tomorrow's pocket!
I think we are ready for Christmas!


  1. LOVE IT!! Super creative and cute! I like your idea of putting scrapbook paper on the clothespins, I just spraypainted mine red for our advent cones!

  2. Turned out so cute! Love the idea to use a shoe organizer!

  3. Wow that's good thinking, i never would have thought of using a shoe organiser,but it works beautifully.

  4. What a clever idea to use a shoe organizer. And even better that you found them at the dollar tree! Love!

  5. great idea!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

    doro K.


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