Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side is hosting a Blogger's Quilt Festival and it is inspiring and amazing to look at all the quilts that people have submitted! Over 600 quilts have been submitted and they are beautiful!

I chose to enter Kiki's Quilt because it was the first one that I submitted and I came up with the pattern myself!

I originally took a quilting class last March so that I could turn my daughter's baby clothes into a quilt. In the end, I chose to buy these beautiful Hunky Dory prints, but maybe some day I'll try a clothes-quilt still!

This quilt really means a lot to me because it was the first that I made for a specific person in mind and, of course, it reminds me of Kiki's baby-hood. Furthermore, it helped me learn a lot more about quilting. I didn't make too many mistakes on this quilt (besides those corner blocks!), and I was so proud that I designed and measured everything myself! (You can find a tutorial for the blocks here.) I realized that quilting wasn't as intimidating as I once thought, and I've been doing it ever since!

I just finished McKinley's big girl bed quilt, so it's a little bittersweet that I have to fold this one up and put it away. But I'm sure we'll get it out many times, and maybe she can even use it for her own baby some day.

I can't believe my little baby is growing up!

Amy's Creative Side

Definitely click on over and check out all the submissions!


  1. What a sweet quilt. I love the colors and I think the corner blocks are pretty awesome. And Kiki is a doll baby!

  2. This is a great quilt!! You SHOULD be very proud of this. Just a sweet post and quilt all wrapped up into one bundle of quilty love. :)

  3. You are so talented! I am still massively intimidated by quilting, lol, but you have rocked it sister!! It is crazy how fast all the kids are growing up, sigh.


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