Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yoga Baby

This morning, Scott and I were just sitting around talking and Finn went and grabbed my yoga mat. He took his time rolling it out on the floor and then went and turned on the tv. Scott turned it to my yoga show and Finn sat down on the mat and started doing yoga! It was so random! I rarely do yoga anymore so it was so funny that he thought of it. He laid down on his belly and tried to stretch out like the ladies on tv, then he would sit down and raise his hands over his head and bring them down into a little bow. By the time we had grabbed the camera he had stopped already, but it was too cute!
I also forgot to mention that I picked this daisy background for my blog because it is kinda the "theme" I'm going for in Baby Girl's room. We were initially going to go with purple and green, but Scott pointed out that those are the colors in OUR room (I know what I like!), so I thought I'd change it up for her. We've painted the room a soft orangey/peachy color and I made some bright orange daisy curtains. We're mainly going for a orange/yellow/pink theme. I spent HOURS looking for what I wanted in baby decor online and in stores, but it's really hard to find themes in orange, which is why I eventually just made my own curtains. I still plan on making a bed skirt too. Anyway, I will have to post some pictures of the room soon!

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