Sunday, June 15, 2008

Splash Time with Granny

Yesterday, we were invited to a kid's birthday party at one of those cool spraygrounds. We had never been to this one before because it was FAR away in Norman. The birthday boy was the son of one of Sharyn's (my mother in law) work collegues. Finn had a great time and we got so many pictures! It was hard to choose which ones to post because I had so many!

On top of that, we moved Finn's toddler bed into his room. It's really crowded in there now! We kept the crib in there for the time being since I'm not ready to have him start sleeping in the bed yet. I thought about it, but I'm just not sure what strategy to use yet. He is such an active little guy, I'm afraid he would just get right back up and play in his room all night. We have a cute little bassinet for the new baby to sleep in, so I'm thinking about keeping her in that for the first few months and not moving him to the toddler bed until around Christmas. That seems like the simplest thing to do and simple is good! For now, he likes reading books in it.

1 comment:

  1. That is a really cute bed! and the spray park looked like fun. I still have to go check out the one by our house.


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