Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mama's Nights Out!

The rain has really been making me sleepy lately, but that hasn't stopped me from partying! (sort of). Sunday I finally dragged myself out to see Mamma Mia! with Nicolette and Kristal. The movie was SO good. THAT is the way to make a movie out of a band's songs (not Across the Universe--very disappointing since I'm a big Beatles fan). We even went out for dessert afterward! Then, last night, my Mom's group had a Mom's Night Out in part to celebrate all the new babies that will soon be arriving in our group or that have already come. One of the other ladies in my group is due with twin girls the same week as me! Wendy, the girl that threw the party was such a great hostess! She's very crafty and had some great food. There were even gifts! Wendy made the cute little diaper cake herself! I have such a nice Mommy group!

Anyway, now it is time to brag a little! My hubby is so great! I'm sure all of you that know Scott know this already, but he really is pretty outstanding. When I came home Sunday, he had totally cleaned the house (something that just seems to escape me everyday). In fact, usually when he's left to himself, I come home to a clean house. He's also so cool about letting me get my "me" time and go out. We've been glued to the hip since we met 9 years ago, so it's always kind of hard to let the other out alone. He's been very good about taking care of me through this pregnancy (and before too). He's Super Hubby and I hope he knows it!

Finn's also been doing some impressive stuff lately. His new favorite thing is to count. Just over and over he'll count (usually to about 14 before he falls off). Today he was counting (lightpoles? grass? I don't know what?) on the way to the Omniplex. Also, it seems like his vocabulary has exploded again. He's so much better at telling me what he wants or what is wrong. This does backfire at times though. At least 10 times a day he lets me know that he wants a fruit bar or sucker. It's nice that he can communicate this, but it's not so nice that I have to refuse it more times than I can just give him one!

Here's a cute video of him and his little buddy Noah chasing each other at the Omniplex. He loves to be chased!


  1. "i really like it when we go to the science museum! so...you could go with me again. that was so funny when noah and finn was chasing. well, you should go to the upstairs sometime. my comment is almost over. so, love, ari" -Ari, age 5

    "i like when finn was chasing me. the movie was funny. i want yogurt, i want yogurt, i want yogurt." -Noah, age 2

    these comments are completely independent and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of the network or their parents.

  2. Kristal you are too funny! That video made me dizzy! I don't know how they can run around like that and not fall over. It is always fun going out with you guys :)


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