Saturday, August 16, 2008


Finn got so many great presents! He really loves all his new toys and has been playing with them non-stop! His one true love of the television has been replaced with Woody and Buzz action figures (He loves to make them kiss). If he suddenly notices they aren't within arm's reach, he'll start asking, "Buddy? Buss?" and have to go find them. I think the cuteness of it all ended though when he threw a huge fit for Scott about not being able to take them on a grocery run.

We have been searching for a french memo board for Baby Girl's room and I couldn't find just what I wanted, so I made one! It was probably the easiest thing I've done all week!

Also, my friend Melissa found this cute canopy for the crib (or, as it is, playpen). It goes perfectly in baby girl's room! We are getting ready to have her anytime now. She has unfortunately been making things very painful for me this week so I'm getting about ready to evict her!

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