Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm gonna get this Suzy Homemaker stuff someday...

Today I made bread! I am such a copycat, I know. I was inspired by my friends Nicolette and Kristal who started making bread too. I was spooning Finn his Spagettios and thought, "I should really try making him something that doesn't come out of a can or bag" and therefore I tried baking! Of course, I am fairly certain he will not even touch it (he'll probably just give me his curt little "no" and turn his head), but at least I tried! It's just a very simple wheat bread out of my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, but it doesn't taste too bad. It took forever to make though! Now I know why Nicolette devotes a whole day to this baking stuff! You have to mix and knead and let it rise and then basically do that all over again. It took all morning, but at least it made me feel useful!
Anyway, here I am with just 3 1/2 weeks to go!:


  1. Look at you with homemade bread and a bun in the oven! I am glad your bread turned out.

  2. YEY, LIZ! good for you! looks yummy and cannot believe you're attempting this so far in your pregnancy...i was eating, sleeping, and watching movies at that point. you rock!


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