Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cleaning Up

After nearly 2 weeks of rain, our backyard desperately needed some TLC. We spent the morning working on it a little. Here's Finn and Daddy raking together:

My garden perked up from all the rain! I've actually got squash and peppers growing again!

I've been growing these ALL summer and this is as big as they've gotten!:

Whenever we play outside, I just let Finn get as dirty as he wants. Once he gets into the sandbox, I know it's a lost cause to keep him clean. I like to think that I'll let Baby Girl do the same, but it seems like girly clothes are more easily ruined (all that pink, yellow and white, ya know). I'll have to remember to save some of Finn's things for her to play in:

Lastly, we did a little finger painting yesterday. I finally dragged Finn's easel inside. He's a cute little Picasso!:


  1. He is too cute! And I love the fact that he is helping Scott in the yard. Also your garden looks yummy!

  2. very fun! can't wait to see your backyard!!


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