Monday, November 10, 2008

This Little Baby Wears Cotton...

We figured out yesterday that Kinley has rather sensitive skin! She fussed and cried ALL day long and when I finally took her out of the cute dress she was wearing, she had a rash all over! I felt so bad for the poor thing! She's doing a lot better, but I've purged her clothes and blankets of all things polyester-blend! Hopefully this will help her be a lot less fussy. But she DID look so cute!:

We're looking ahead to Thanksgiving now. It's such a fun holiday, espiecially since I'm so hungry all the time now! Finn and I made "turkeys" the other day:

I can't wait until Christmas! I want to do it up so much that Finn's head explodes! Of course not really, but I want him to have a good time!

Here's another cute one of Kinley:


  1. At least cotton is comfortable! And I love the turkeys, too cute!

  2. Oh My!! That is so funny...Ethan & I made hand turkeys the other day too!! I will post them on my blog.........cute!


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