Monday, November 17, 2008


Finn has been doing all sorts of cool things lately. I really like playing with him right now because he's doing some really fun stuff, like building "castles":

He gets a little OCD with the blocks sometimes though. I'll look at what he's making and sometimes all the red blocks will be put together, all the blue ones will be in another structure, and so on.

He's been a little obsessive about his stuffed animals too. He loves to find a hat for each one, and then put them to "sleep" in our bed. It's really adorable. He'll tuck each one in (and usually Scott too--he likes to play this game with Daddy) and then he'll make the pretend snoring sound. Very adorable!:

He's been rolling with quite a large entourage lately (and all their hats). I think Stitch is his favorite, but he's also got a baby doll, a few teddy bears and a lion. You know he's related to me because he tries to grab ALL of them when he moves rooms. No second trips!

Another thing he's been doing lately is singing a bunch of new songs. I think 2-year-olds must get songs stuck in their heads just like adults, because he'll randomly start singing some song that I haven't heard in a week.


  1. wow! i missed a lot being gone a few days and not reading your blog! thanks for all the updates and i hope to see you soon:)

  2. toddlers can be so darn fun, when they aren't making you want to pull all of your hair out. lol :)


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