Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bath time!

We gave Kinley her first real bath last night (all the other's have just been sponge baths so far). She LOVED it! She sat there and squirmed around a little and just loved sitting in the water. I think she was even trying to smile during it. She was so content to chill in the water, it was adorable! I might have to start doing it everyday!
In the world of Finn:

He's been having a bit of a hard time lately. I don't know if he's teething again or just suddenly noticing the decreased amount of attention he's been getting. He's just been a little...needy. And needy for a 2 year old is very tiring! Also, I found him a few times inside Kinley's baby bassinet, sucking on her pacifier. Poor guy. I've been trying to give him more of my undivided attention the last couple of days. However, he is still smart as ever! He has started counting very well! He can make it to 20, and it's getting good at counting things as well. I'll ask him how many crayons he has and about half the time he'll count to the right number (the other half he just keeps counting past the right number). He's also getting better at his colors too. Most of the time he gets it right (his default answer if he doesn't know is just "blue"). He has also been very cute about repeating everything we say. You don't realize how much you say certain things until your toddler starts repeating them to a banana: "Hi nana. How you doin? Me Bubba."

Here's Kinley doing one of her model poses:

And her she is looking like a Dr. Suess character:


  1. i'm thinking of you liz! i asked nicolette if she'd heard from you lately and we both agreed that we needed to call you and get together! we miss you and hope you are doing well amidst lots of transition.

  2. Awww, cute pics. I love the first bath. See you soon.


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