Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Half-Naked Chef

Finn and I were reading his Cookie Monster book where Cookie scarfs a bunch of different-shaped cookies yesterday. I thought--Hey! Finn and I should make cookies and use the cookie cutters to make different shapes! Man, am I a great mom or what?

So, we pushed a chair up to the counter and started putting all the ingredients together. Finn mixed them up and helped himself to the sugar. I edited the applesauce-oatmeal cookie recipe that I had to include pumpkin puree and a few other spices.

WELL--we had a couple of hitches. First, I forgot that the only cookie cutters I own are a star, a stocking and a Christmas tree. And, the recipe I made wasn't really for roll out cookies. They were more the globby kind that you drop on a cookie sheet. I disregarded these facts and decided that Halloween sprinkles would make them perfect anyway. Our cookies ended up looking like this:

Delicious, huh? I bet you would love one! (I ended throwing them all away b/c they tasted like poo).


  1. taste is overrated. fun, learning, and life-long memories with mom are the stuff you're aiming for. way to go, liz!

  2. HAHAHA!!! You are too funny. I'm sure Finn enjoyed making a mess with cookies...that's all that counts.

  3. That reminds me I need to make more cookies. And I never thought of Sawyer cutting them out with me. I bet he would love that! Maybe we can have a cookie day where the kids come over and cut out and bake their own cookies or something. Even if you didn't get to eat the cookies it sounds like you guys had fun!


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