Monday, October 20, 2008

A Boy and His Dog & Ch-ch-ch-changes

Finn has been having such a great time with Addy outside lately. (The weather is just BEAUTIFUL!) Usually, they just chase each other and collect sticks, but yesterday, Addy was digging holes. Finn would then come over, push Addy away (I know, what a bully!) and then sit in his hole so he couldn't dig! Addy was smart though. He had 2 holes next to each other, so if Finn sat in one, then he would just go dig on the other. Finn was running back and forth between the holes, plunking his butt on each one! Also, Finn got a new outdoor toy! His Granny found him a little house at a garage sale! He loves it!
Here he is sitting on his hole (and yelling at the dog):

And here he is in his new house:

As for the bedrooms...they are all changed! We moved the crib into Kinley's room and rearranged Finn's room. We knew he wasn't going back to the crib now, so we figured the time was right to just switch it up! Finn is so cool with changes. He's never necessarily been attached to anything other than his pacifier. He couldn't have cared less that we moved his room around.

Here's Kinley's new arrangement (a bedskirt is on my shopping list):

And Finn's:

I think Kinley likes her new bed!:

And here's just some cute pics:

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