Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day at the Farm

We had such a busy weekend! We went to Ari and Noah's birthday party. I didn't bring my camera, but you can see a cute picture here. Kinley wore such a cute little party dress, but no one really got to see it because she slept the whole time in her carseat! It was actually great for me because then I only had to worry about watching one child. Finn had a super time. He got there and jumped right into the baby pool fully clothed! He loves getting together with his buddies Noah and Sawyer! Here's Kinley in here cute dress:

Finn has been obsessed lately with his Baby Einstein Farm DVD. (The kid is obsessed with DVD's in general--he loves to pile them up and carry them around the house!). So, I was really excited that it was time to go to the pumpkin patch! We went to Chester's Party Barn in Piedmont and had an awesome time! Granny and Auntie came too! Finn got to ride a pony:

Take a wheelbarrow and a hay ride:

Pick out a pumpkin:

And do all sorts of other cool things!

Afterward he looked like this:

Anyway, in the world of Kinley: Her face rash and goopy eyes have gotten better! I guess her tear ducts finally opened up because her eyes don't constantly have green gunk in them. Also, she's gotten a really bad fash rash the last couple of weeks. I thought it was just normal baby acne, but the doctor said it was probably a reaction to something that I had eaten and passed on to her through my milk. I cut out all chocolate, peanut butter, honey and excess milk and her face is getting better! Now I just have to add them back in one by one to figure out what it is! The doc said it is most likely chocolate (bummer). Here's what she looked like yesterday:

In the world of ME: I've been working at the bank for 7 years next month! How time flies! I can't believe I'm even old enough to have worked someplace for 7 years! It's been a great job. In case anyone was wondering, after all the kids are in school, I plan on applying to the library. I sometimes wish I had gotten a master's in Library Science instead of Geography. But, I've talked to librarians and they mostly say that it doesn't matter much. I've always loved the library and I've been thinking for years that it would make a great job for me. Also, I have a yucky cold. I had a bad reaction to some medication on Friday (and when I say bad, I mean dry heaving!). It left me with a raw throat and some yucky congestion. I hope it goes away soon!


  1. What a cute party dress! And the farm looks awesome, I think we are going to try and do something like that this year too. I am glad to hear the face rash is better, too bad it could have been any of those yummy things causing it though. Wouldn't it be nice if they said it was cauliflower or something like that:)

  2. so sorry about your illness and kinley's rash! it was wonderful to see you again today and we must not let so many days go by between outings again! (totally my fault...i know)


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