Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Baby Gifts!

My very first wipes case! And, may I say, this was incredible easy! My friend says that ones like this go for  $30 at a local baby shop. Gets a girl to thinking...

I will be linking up to these great parties!


  1. Love it! I made my first wipe case last week and have yet to post pics but it not as cute as this! Love it! I saw some in a local market last week for $25! This one is way super cute and could go for that or more easy!

  2. Very cute! I sell them..but no where near that much lol. They are super easy to make :) & very cute!

  3. Please do. I love being featured on other peoples blogs. I will be sure to mention on mine that you are doing so. thanks!

  4. What an adorable case.


  5. Very cute. Love the polka dot fabric too!


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