Friday, March 11, 2011

Feature Fridaze {St. Patrick's Edition}

I've really fallen behind on the St. Patrick's Day crafts. I love the holiday and I'm super proud of our Irish family history (you won't find a bigger redhead lover), but the holiday fell between 2 vacations and I kinda needed a little break anyway.

But, I did take the time to stockpile some ideas for next year!

First up are these adorable Patty Cakes by Mom's of All Trades. Doesn't she have some amazing attention to detail? I find myself not making stuff like this because I don't want to dirty up so many bowls, but this one would be worth it!

Check out these amazing St. Patrick's Cupcakes by Jo at Frosted Happy. Not only do they look amazing, but if you read the recipe they sound like they taste amazing too! Just looking around Jo's blog makes my mouth water!

I love dipping marshmellows in stuff. It's kinda my standby party treat. I wish Spring Break didn't fall on St. Patrick's Day or I would definitely be taking these Shamrock Marshmellow Pops by Poca Cosa to my son's school!

I've been really into making new clothes for Kiki lately, and this "No Pinching" Bandanna Dress by Susan at Living with Punks (with tutorial!) is going on my list. It's perfect for St. Patty's Day, but it would also be adorable all summer long. One in every color, perhaps?
st paddys dress 031

Finally, I love this St. Patricks's Burlap Wreath by Allie at Miss Lovie (another tute!). She actually made the flowers interchangeable so that you can switch them out with the seasons. Want another reason I love this? She shows you a close-up shot of each type of flower she made. So helpful! And the addition of the bunting just puts it over the top.

Well done ladies! I will be very prepared for next year!

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