Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrate The Baby Boy

I love all the boy-themed projects going on right now. I hadn't exactly planned on making one myself, but a friend of mine placed an order with me for 4 sets of burp cloths, ALL BOYS. On top of that, she is having a boy herself, so I wanted to whip up something for her too.

I needed to restock my stash, so I spent a little time shopping for new fabrics. I think the doggies are my favorite:

But I'm most excited about making her gift! I love practical items that are also cute. It gives you a little bit of glamour while mopping up spitup, don't you think?

This is the first bib I've ever made. This is actually the backside, with few pockets for spoons, napkins, maybe some lipstick...:

And the front. I love polka dots!:

Burp cloths:

And a small taggie blanket. The back is super soft minkie:

I'll be linking up to these great parties!


  1. These are so cute, the fabrics are just fab! I keep seeing these wonderful burp cloths, but I could never let my boys have them, I wouldn't want them ruined!

  2. These look so soft!

    PS. I love the colors on your blog!


  3. Super cute! I'm having a boy in August and just lovin' all the boy ideas I'm finding!


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