Monday, January 3, 2011

Zodiac Subway Art

I'm a bit obsessed with astrology. I just think that what goes on up above is so fascinating. On top of that, the zodiac is really cool. In fact, it really bugs me when I don't know someone's sun sign. I tend to think of people as "Scorpio," "Capricorn," "Leo," etc (which I do know makes me sound like a nut). It's just so amazing when people act really typical of their sign.

Want to know a secret? (In truth, I actually tell this to anyone that doesn't run away as soon as I say the word "zodiac") I planned Finn to be a Leo. I thought if I--for some reason--only had ONE child, I would want he or she to be bubbly, full-of-life and ready to take on the world--three very typical traits of a Leo. And guess what? He COMPLETELY is! And so much more of course. Kiki was supposed to be Gemini, but that one didn't really work out as I planned. However, I'm very proud of the fact that her and I are both Virgos.

Subway art is all the rage right now, so within days of getting my Silhouette (it has been six in fact), I came up with the idea of making a zodiac subway art. Silhouette doesn't have much in the way of astrological clip art, so I made do with what I had.

Do you like?

I have another big project that I can't wait to share. I am fighting my impatience, but I want to make sure it's finished before I show it off (stupid wood stain takes FOREVER to dry!).

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  1. It looks great! :)

    I love being a Leo by the way, I for one think it's an awesome sign. ;)

  2. Hey Liz-- GREAT idea... fun and original. Malia

  3. Unique take on subway art. Thanks for sharing it at the craft catwalk.

  4. I love it! One day I will have a Silhouette. . .

  5. This looks great! What the heck is a Silhouette?

  6. I'm with Stacy! I need a Silhouette! Thanks for linking up! You did a great job!

  7. This is great! You are SOOO luck to have a Silhouette! Thanks so much for linking up last week! I hope you'll stop by again today! :) I'll be posting features soon...


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