Thursday, January 20, 2011

I love my Silhouette, BUT....

The only issue I've had so far with my Silhouette is the cutting mats. It wasn't even a week before they lost their tackiness and my paper was shifting. Which is kinda a major pain since then you have to try again. But I think I've found a solution.

I just use my Elmer's permanent glue dot runner on the edges on the back side of the paper before putting it on my cutting mat. If I'm cutting a really large sheet of paper, I might run a little glue in the middle too. It works really well! Just make sure you pull off your paper as soon as you are done cutting. Otherwise the glue will adhere and you'll end scraping paper off your mat.

I just made a countdown calendar for our trip to Disney World, and if I didn't have the glue dots, I know my little circles and numbers would have been a mess!

I made sure to grab some Toy Story stickers so that we can cover up the numbers as we count down. 

My kids are really excited about the trip, but they just don't seem to understand that it's nearly a month away. I hope this countdown helps!


  1. I didn't realize you guys were leaving so soon. Love the countdown idea, I may have to do that with soccer.

  2. Hey Liz, Not sure if you've heard about this stuff but it's AMAZING for redoing your matts:

    This stuff takes the old sticky stuff/debris off:

    And this stuff puts new sticky stuff on:

    It really works! and Saves soooo much money.

  3. ... It does sometimes help to wash them down with a very diluted soapy water.... after they dry the tackiness is back!

  4. The Disney countdown calendar is an adorable idea. Your kids will love it! So fun!

  5. I use wet wipes (the unscented ones from Costco) to wipe my mats down then I put the clear mat protector back on. When they're dry, the stickiness is back! I have a cricut, I'm not sure how different the mats are for them.


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