Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Lost My Heat Transfer Virginity!

I was incredibly intimidated to try out vinyl heat transfer, but I did it! And it felt so good...

I ordered some black, pink and green vinyl from Specialty Graphics. I found they had the most reasonable shipping prices. I will definitely use them again, especially now that I'm addicted!

I wanted to make us some custom shirts for Disney World. They have a sort of royalty/Valentine theme. Here's mine:

Here's Kiki's:

Finn (in typical Finn fashion) refused to wear the shirt unless it was orange. In fact, when I showed him the finished shirt, he said, "But it's supposed to be ALL orange." I gave myself a lesson in futility by trying to explain to him that if it was all orange, it wouldn't say anything on it. It's not very Valentine-ish, but whatev:


I haven't made my hubby's yet, but it'll match Finn's, with the words "King of the Castle."

Here's the back of all of the shirts:

I even made some matching car bags for the trip! I love those jersey knit sheets from Target and they always come with a little carrying bag that I keep:

This was SO easy to do! I'm sure I'll be making more!

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  1. LOVE THESE!!! i must say i'm super impressed. i've had nothing but problems with the vinyl heat transfer. i can never get it to stay transferred. i must learn from you cuz i love the results!!

  2. Super Cute!! Way to go!... I still have yet to take the leap with heat transfer...

  3. I REALLY want to try heat set vinyl one of these days. There are so many projects being created with it. Your tees turned out fantastic!!



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