Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Beginning to Think of These Like My Children

You know how after you have a baby, you just can't stop staring at it? I've felt like that with everything I've made so far. The obsession just doesn't seem to be wearing off. In fact, it seems to be getting worse. I had a busy morning yesterday, felt not-so-great, and told myself to just take the day off from sewing. Yet I still had put together most of this bag by 9:00 pm. When I close my eyes at night it's like I'm flipping a Moda catalog open. I've begun dreaming of rulers and seam allowances. But I don't completely hate it.
I really should have written up a tutorial for this tote, but I was using a pattern from, so I thought it wouldn't be right. However, along the way, I changed a lot of things (5" squares instead of 3", quilted straps, pocket inside), that I might almost just call it my own.
This is by far my most well-finished project (aside from quilts) and I'm a pretty proud mama! I've been pondering over whether or not to start an etsy shop. I think I am a good candidate because I work really fast and I know I could keep an inventory stocked, but like I said, I can't bear to part with these things for now!


  1. I say go for it!! Cuz I would buy stuff from you! Lol. You are rockin it girl! :)

  2. Love the colors! Not much harm in trying. You could always start by making the item for yourself, then selling the others since you already have one...might make it easier. Plus, can't you claim starting a company on your taxes or something? You have been inspiring me, I have a couple of things I am working on, I just need to find more time... :)

  3. This newbie sewer would love a tutorial. I like yours soo much better. Looks like a good way to use up some scraps I'm accumulating quickly.


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