Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Costume Party No. 2

Finn's still digging the costume making. He made one for me this morning and I thought I would share:That thing on my head? That's my Robin mask. And the green patch is my shirt, complete with orange "crest."
Finn really outdid himself on the costume he made for himself. It's a bat helicopter costume (so he says): I really hope we aren't allergic to the adhesive in this tape. Otherwise, we are all going to have red patches on our faces tomorrow!


  1. You are such an awesome mom! And Finn is such a creative lil' guy!! :)

  2. Hilarious! What a great mom to wear his costumes and display them for all the world to see! I see a career in the theater in his future!

  3. He is so creative! He must get that from you :)

  4. he IS so creative! i'm always amazed. i shouldn't be....he takes after you. the best part is that you foster and encourage it. i can't wait to see what he does as he grows and gains more resources!


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