Monday, April 19, 2010

Dee's Basket No. 2

After I made the first block for this quilt, I was really hating the colors. I thought it would be an orange explosion on my walls. I decided to finish just to get more quilting practice. Lo and behold, it looks much different put together! I'm liking it a lot now actually. I still have to put on the outer border, binding and backing (and of course quilt the darn thing), but it should be finished soon. I'm trying to take it a little slower since my whirlwind of sewing last week nearly made me burn out.


  1. Very nice!!! Way to go lady!

  2. Cool. It's very "groovy" -- reminds me of the 70's when I got married. We received an orange and brown afghan when our daughter was born in 1977 and we put up orange and harvest gold wallpaper in our knew kitchen around the same time. Jo-Nann


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