Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Junior Year

Have I mentioned how awesome 3-year-olds are? I am only a month in, so this may be premature, but Finn has never been so clever or charming as he has been this month. Three-year-olds may know how to push your buttons (it's positively MADDENING when he interrupts my singing to tell me that the words to the Thomas song say "falling fate" instead of "hauling freight." I'm pretty sure I'm right since they spell it out for you each episode and I'm the one who knows how to read!!!), but not always in a bad way. Finn knows that a quick kiss or an "I'm sorry" can work wonders on my mood. I'm going to optimistic and call it the "terrific threes" in this house.
Two of my favorite 3-year-olds (I promise Kristal--I didn't lock them in there or anything. They were enjoying themselves up until I pulled out the camera):

1 comment:

  1. hey...if you need to use a cage once in a while, no one will judge you:)

    thank you so much for celebrating the age of three and your terrific three year old!


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