Thursday, September 17, 2009

Balancing Act

I'm not really sure who the phrase "Everything in Moderation" is attributed to (although it reeks a bit of Buddha), but I've heard it said many, many times. However the first time I really took note was about a year ago when my friend Nicollette used the phrase. I can't even remember what we were talking about, but it really resonated with me for some reason. Probably it seemed like the highest type of wisdom coming from Nicollette, someone who is particularly calm and even-keeled (let's just say I can't picture her crying on the floor of her bathroom because her toddler won't eat his veggies). Now whenever I think these words, they always come out in her voice. And I think these words often, in fact, because they are certainly words to live by. In my quest for truth and happiness (they most often come hand in hand) this is a mantra for a perfectionist like me. In the past I have strived for an ascetic lifestyle. I thought that pleasure was only derived from hard work and pain. Which is an entirely absurd notion. Still, old habits die hard and, therefore, the words are repeated day in and day out.

What relevance does this have? I often get inspired by things. At the moment, Julie Powell is making me want to blog more, and about more honest things. Also, I have been caught in the whole late-twenties-what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life snare, and the conclusion is I would like to work on my writing (I've always had a hard time marrying facts and details when I write--probably because the only thing I've ever written is college reports or this blog). Anyway, I am reminded to pace myself. I feel as if I jump around from wistful brain sketches to "what my kid ate for dinner" type posts way too often.
Anyway, bear with me. I feel like I want to do more with this blog, but at the moment I am using it for my own personal experiment (perhaps my own Happiness Project?) I've always believed that one person could change the world! But for now, I am trying not to expect too much from myself--just the ability to be moderate.


  1. You seem to be a wonderful writer! I am looking forward to your newer blogs! I love writing, and I love being introspective, I think it is healthy and a great outlet. So go for it lady!

  2. liz- i am SO PROUD of you! these are some pretty rockin' posts lately. i feel like i've grown in my knowledge of you tenfold just in the last week. and i like what i've learned! keep the posts, experiments, and quests coming. i'm honored to be along for the ride.


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